Part 5: What happens after my Voice over IP Phone System is Installed?

Part 5 on migrating your business to a Voice over IP phone system. This is part 5 of our article series on switching your business over to a voice over ip phone system. Part 1 was an overview of what business Voice over IP is and how it can benefit your business. Part 2 covered some of the options and features available to businesses who wish to migrate over to a Voice over IP phone system. Part 3 discussed various aspects that you should take into consideration when switching to Voice over IP. Part 4 gave brief walkthrough of the next steps to take once you’ve decided to switch to Voice over IP. In part 5, we’ll wrap everything up and discuss some long-term considerations for your business.

Part 4: How Do I Get a Business VoIP System?

Previously, we’ve discussed the options that are available to you for a business VoIP system and what you should consider before switching to VoIP. Part 4 of this series, on migrating your business to VoIP, is about what happens after you’ve decided that a VoIP system is right for your business.

Part 3: Things to Consider Before Switching to VoIP

Welcome to Part 3 in our series about migrating your business over to VoIP.  (Last week, we took a break for our April Fools’ article).  In Part 2, I gave an overview of some of the options available for Business VoIP.  This week, we’ll go over things you should consider before switching to VoIP.   Before You Continue:

It’s never good to have a Heartbleed

You’ve seen the term “Heartbleed” all over the news and internet.  So what is Heartbleed and how do you keep it from causing harm to you? Here’s a quick non-technical overview of Heartbleed:

Happy April Phones Day

Happy April Phones Day – April 1, 2014 ________________________________________________________  News “VoIP Appreciation Day” Steadfast Telecommunications, the leading VoIP systems provider in the New York Tri-State Area, is celebrating VoIP Appreciation Day with a special offer!  Today only, the company will be offering its customers the option to buy 1976 (or earlier) telephone technology at incredible 2014 prices!  At the early morning press event, the CEO of Steadfast stated: “We want to emphasize just how far telephone technology has come since the company was founded, in 1976.”

Part 2: An Overview of Business VoIP Options

This is the second article, in a series, that covers the steps involved in migrating your business to VoIP.  The objectives are: to demystify the transitioning process and provide you with valuable information about Business VoIP options and how your company will benefit. Last week, I gave a brief overview of the commonalities and differences between Business VoIP and traditional business telephone systems. This week, we’ll go over some of the Business VoIP options which are available to your company for systems and services.  

Part 1: What is Business VoIP?

This is the first article, in a step-by-step series, that will discuss the entire process of migrating your organization to a Business VoIP System. Last week, I gave a general overview of the migration process, in: Your Business Can Migrate to VoIP in 6 Easy Steps. The following article can be considered  a bit of a review for our loyal readers –or a crash-course on Business VoIP for those who are new to the blog.  We’ll be focusing on the basics of what Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is and how your business can benefit.  Next week, we’ll dive right in and begin discussing the options available to you for Business VoIP.

Your Business Can Migrate to VoIP in 6 Easy Steps

If you don’t yet have a Voice over IP (VoIP) system for your business, then you’ll definitely want to read this article. A common reason that people are hesitant about migrating over to VoIP is because the process can seem confusing. Let’s go through the six easy steps to having your business migrate to VoIP.

Using VoIP to Work Remotely and Do Business from Home

VoIP has changed the way that we conduct business.  We’re more connected than ever before.  A favorite VoIP feature among customers is the ability to work remotely from home, but maintain the same phone functionality as they would have at their office.

Is your Internet Connection Affecting your VoIP Call Quality?

You may have the best VoIP provider in the world, but the actual call quality of your service is ultimately dependent on your internet connection; the internet connection of the recipient. A poor internet connection is often the reason for experiencing issues with your VoIP service (like poor call quality).  Read on and I’ll tell you about a simple and FREE way to test your connection and what you can do to fix any problems.

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