Do you Have a Telephone Backup Plan for your Business?

  Imagine the following: It’s a busy day at the office, and out of no where, your phones stop working. Panic sets in as you realize that you’re likely missing important calls. Alright, step back and take a breath.  I’m not writing this as a way of frightening you into getting a new telephone system.  Rather, the objective of this article is to help you avoid a telephone system disaster.

Choose your connection wisely

Broadband Internet has forever changed how businesses operate. Enabling an instantaneous exchange of ideas and information, businesses are now able to accomplish more; in less time. As broadband Internet has become more readily available, technologies have subsequently evolved around the Internet. However, while we all connect to the same Internet, there are different ways to get there.

Will the Amazon Fire Spread Out of Control?

Last week, Amazon announced their entrance into the smartphone market.  They plan to release the Amazon Fire on July 25th.  However, at a retail price of $749 for the 64GB version ($649 for the 32GB version) does the Amazon Fire really have the potential to draw consumers away from their current phones?

Stay Safe: Don’t ride the phony!

While telephone scams are nothing new, they are always being adapted in order to maintain their efficacy. We would all like to believe that we’re immune from such fraud, but are we really? Scammers are excellent actors and they know how to build rapport and trust with their victims. In this article, I’ll provide you with some information and tips that could save you from becoming another victim of telephone scams.

Does Your VoIP Service Have These Qualities?

This year has been marked by blanket criticism of large ISPs like Comcast and AT&T for monopolizing on Internet and Telecom systems that are intentionally slow, and that threaten net neutrality as we know it. With those kinds of criticisms lingering in the air, we thought it might be important to help you distinguish what makes for a great service provider—and moreover, what it takes to have VoIP New York businesses can really trust.

Traveling abroad or have offices in other countries?

Before Voice over IP, when you travelled internationally, calls back to the US were usually really expensive. Long before I ever had a cell phone, I remember having to find a pay phone and use a calling card to get a somewhat discounted rate. No way would that have been practical for a business! Fast-forward to 2014 –Voice over IP has completely changed communications. While abroad, you could intercom with your office, as if you were actually there. Read on:  

Sprint beats the record…

With a $7.5 million dollar fine from the FCC for violating Do Not Call Registry regulations. To date, this is the largest penalty that the FCC has imposed for violating the Do Not Call rules. This isn’t even the first time for Sprint. Three years ago, they were fined almost half a million for the same infraction.

A Real Visit to the Cloud (well, sort of).

Last week, I had an opportunity to visit a data center.  For those who are not familiar with what a data center is, it’s a large facility that is used to house servers and equipment that companies rely on to keep their operations running.  Interlinked data centers are what make “cloud” computing, the Internet and hosted services possible.  To actually see what a data center looks like, you can check out Google’s.

What Voice over IP Means for the Environment

As a society, we’ve become more conscious about our energy usage and how we impact the environment in which we live.  For years, environmentally harmful products and substances have been supplanted by less-harmful ones. One example of this is that you won’t find new refrigeration equipment using ozone-depleting CFC gases. You’ll also have a tough time finding traditional incandescent light bulbs, since those are being phased out and replaced with compact fluorescent and LED lightbulbs. Even looking at transportation, have you noticed that electric and hybrid cars have become fairly common?  New homes and offices are even being designed according to “green” principles. So, what can your business do to be green (and even save some money in the process)?  

Are We Ready For the Death of the Minute?

As more and more businesses switch over from Phone Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) to VoIP, it is worth pausing to consider how Internet-based communication has destroyed the “minute.”

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