Choosing a VoIP Company…So Many Choices

So you’ve decided to implement VoIP for your business? That’s great! You’re getting ahead of the game and getting ahead of your competitors. Stepping your business up to VoIP can actually be pretty simple. Read on for some tips on how to make the switch simple. But first, let me tell you about about an interesting psychological study. This study may actually change how you think about all of your future decision making.  

You have the POWER! VoIP and POE

We take it for granted that when we pick up our phone, it will work. Somehow, it manages to get its power. I mean, you’ve probably never had to put batteries into your desk or wall phone before (with a few small exceptions). How then, is your phone powered? In the days of old copper telephone lines, phones would receive their power directly through the line itself. At the local telephone office, 48 volts DC would be sent down the lines. Then when the phone rang, about 90 volts AC would be superimposed over the DC. Once answered, the voltage drop significantly below the original 48 volts. That’s the old technology, but how does it differ from that of VoIP? Read on to find out.

Don’t let the snow close your business!

VoIP means being able to work at home during bad weather   Last Tuesday, the Northeast prepared itself for, what was expected to be, a huge blizzard. Okay, so it turned out not to be as bad as we had anticipated (at least in New York City). Nonetheless, many businesses closed their offices on Tuesday, but they didn’t close their business. You read right. Businesses equipped with VoIP can have their employees be productive –right from their own homes!

Oh fax! Faxing over VoIP – FoIP

Faxing technology certainly isn’t new. You might be wondering why the fax machine is even a topic for discussion in today’s world. It’s not that alternatives to the fax have yet to be invented. We have email and we even have faxes that can be sent and received via your computer. However, plenty of businesses in NYC rely on faxes –for anything from accepting a take-out food, or catering, order –to being able to send medical documents in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

5 awesome VoIP features that’ll revolutionize your phone system

So you run a small business in New York, and are considering switching over to VoIP. You’ve heard that it’s a low-cost solution to traditional landline-based phone systems. Maybe you’ve even started to do a little research online about different providers. While the information can all seem a little overwhelming, it helps to focus on some of VoIP’s coolest features to keep everything in perspective. As you consider making the switch, check out these prominent elements of most VoIP systems.

Everything you wanted to know about VoIP, and weren’t afraid to ask

So you’re interested in switching over to VoIP. Maybe your legacy phone system just isn’t cutting it any more, or perhaps you’re starting a new business in New York, and looking for enterprise phone features at a fraction of the cost and infrastructure. No matter your needs, VoIP is a great option for any company that wants a robust phone system without the traditional charges from the telephone company.

Can someone tell me what a PBX is?

To explain PBX (Private Branch Exchange) technology, it might help to go back in time. You’ve probably seen the image of – or had first-hand experience with – the old-fashioned telephone operator answering phones in front of a large board, and manually plugging lines into different switches to connect the calls. This was the original PBX. Today’s systems essentially perform the same task without the need of manual switching.

VoIP and Net Neutrality – Infographic

(Scroll down to see the infographic) Many say that VoIP is set to eliminate traditional communications with better quality and lower costs. It is estimated that VoIP has already hit 288 million users and it is forecasted to reach the one billion mark in the next few years.

Transitioning to Voice over IP While Keeping Your Existing System

Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has rapidly been making its way into offices around the country and around the world! As older analog technology has continued to fall out of favor, replacement telephone system parts have become more and more difficult to obtain. This puts the non-Voice over IP user at a significant disadvantage –But what if your company recently purchased a newer analog system? If your system is only a few years old, or newer, I certainly won’t encourage you to throw it all away. However, I will encourage you to read on and find out how you can throw away your high phone bills and get the savings of voip.

Net Neutrality or Bust!

“Net Neutrality”…What is it? It was all over the news a couple of months ago… But more recently, the mainstream news has pretty much swept the issue under the proverbial rug. However, the issue is far from resolved.  This is an issue that affects the consumer greatly.  If Net Neutrality disappears, the effects will be akin to censorship… oh, and the amount you pay for Internet and other services will almost certainly increase.

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