While Steadfast Telecommunications enthusiastically recommends VoIP systems for new telephone installations, we do offer a selection of digital systems and components to keep things running like new!

Legacy Equipment Manufacturers


Emerald ICE

The Tadiran Emerald ICE, fully integrated digital phone system, supports up to 12 outside lines and 24 phones. The Emerald ICE system supports both: 14 Button Set and the 28 Button Set. Pictured to the left, is the Emerald ICE 28 Button Set. Both model phones are full-featured, with speakerphone capabilities and dual-color LED programmable buttons.


Coral IPx

The Tadiran Coral IPx series includes the following models: Coral IPx 500, Coral IPx 800, Coral IPx 3000, Coral IPx 4000, Coral IPx 8000, and the Coral IPx Office. All of the systems can support analog trunks, POTS lines, T1, and SIP Trunks. These systems support the following phone models: The FlexSet 120, FlexSet 120D, FlexSet 121, FlexSet 121D, FlexSet 280, FlexSet 280D, FlexSet 281, FlexSet 281D, FlexSet IP 280S, T207, T208, FlexAir T304, FlexAir T404 and even traditional analog phones.




Digital Hybrid Systems

The NEC Electra Elite 48, NEC Electra Elite 192, IPK, IPK II, and the NEAX 2000 IPS systems converge voice and data. All of the systems can support analog trunks, POTS lines, and T1.


NEC Phones

The NEC digital family of phones consist of the: DTU-8, DTU-8D, DTU-16, DTU-16D, DTU-32, DTU-32D, DTH-8, DTH-8D, DTH-16, DTH-16D, DTH-32, and the DTH-32D. These phones are full-featured with speakerphone capabilities and softkeys.




Sprint Protegé Digital

The Sprint Protege 308, Sprint Protege 616, Sprint Protege CTX, Sprint Protege MTX, and the Sprint Protege LTX. These are capable of handling from 3 to 24 outside lines and from 8 to 150 phones.


Sprint Protegé Phones

The sprint protege family of phones are available as: 9 button, 17 button business phone keysets and as a 32 button executive keyset. They come with LEDs, softkeys, speakerphone and are available with or without an LCD display


Steadfast Can Service

  • Tadiran Coral IPx
  • Tadiran Emerald ICE
  • NEC Electra Elite 48, NEC Electra Elite 192 and the Infoset 408, Electra Elite IPK, Electra Elite IPK II, and the NEAX 2000 IPS
  • Sprint Protegé 308, Sprint Protegé 612, Sprint Protégé CTX, Sprint Protegé MTX, and the Sprint Protegé LTX
  • Intertel
  • Premier SLS, ESP, 1224/2460, MDX, DX, and the IMX
  • Panasonic
  • Lucent
  • Toshiba
  • Nortel
  • Avaya
  • Telcor
  • Macrotel
  • Macrovoice
  • Transtel


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