Raphael has over 45 years of telephony experience and a vision for providing customers with the latest technology. Raphael is an avid photographer and enjoys visiting state parks, camping, hiking and yoga.


Joe has telephony experience dating back to the 1970s; he is an expert on diagnosing and repairing the latest technology. Joe is a fan of all things that come in packet-form: data, sugar, chocolate and documents. He believes that “packets just make everything so much better!”


Maralyn’s favorite part of work is talking with our clients. She is in charge of drafting and overseeing customer agreements (aka contracts). One of her hobbies is learning about different cultures and their cuisines. She enjoys cooking, quilting, traveling, tea and drawing.


Gill has been fascinated by technology his entire life. He is a seasoned traveler visiting locations around the country and around the world. Even while traveling, Gill will go to extreme lengths to keep our systems running smoothly. Amidst climbing Mount Everest, he stopped on a ledge to take out his laptop and troubleshoot an issue.


Sas is always thinking outside the box. He helps customers figure out different ways to streamline, update, improve and revolutionize their internal and external communication abilities. When he is not attending a meeting or on the phone, Sas can be found drinking tea and sharing stories with various worldwide leaders; when he’s not doing that, he enjoys swimming, trail-running, skiing and yoga.


DJ keeps Steadfast running, like a highly caffeinated, but well organized, tiger. She manages everything from billing to customer support. Her favorite part of working at Steadfast is “interacting with customers and resolving their issues.” When not on the front line with customers, she enjoys amusement parks, adventure, movies and cooking.


Jeremy enjoys learning about all things VoIP and analyzing data. Jeremy has been playing guitar for 14 years and is self-taught. He is constantly in a state of awe over the fact that that we are able to fix most customer problems via the internet. He’s convinced that sorcery is somehow involved.


With nearly 20 years of experience, Ron leads Steadfast’s Data and Cabling Infrastructure Division. He is responsible for surveying new sites, installing cables and then verifying that everything is up to data-center-quality standards. He really enjoys interacting with customers, the physical-nature of the job and seeing the customers smile. When he’s not working, he enjoys playing sports with his son.

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