Don’t Travel on Grey Routes

Call quality is important. We’ve all been on phone calls where we’ve had to ask the other person to repeat themselves because we couldn’t hear them.  It’s frustrating when you pay for a service and don’t get what you expect.  Sometimes, this just happens due to internet traffic, but other times, your quality is intentionally compromised and someone makes money off of doing so!  That’s just infuriating! What I’m talking about are calls sent over “grey routes”

VoIP During a Power Failure – How to Keep Connected

I want to start by validating a common fear that people and businesses have about switching over to VoIP.  If your power fails, so does your VoIP service.  This occurs since VoIP phones rely on your own electrical supply.  Power failures do happen and your best defense is being prepared ahead of time.  Here’s the good news: there are some relatively simple and cost effective ways to keep your service running during a power failure.

The End of Copper-Based Landline Networks?

On January 30th, 2014, the FCC approved a measure which will permit telephone carriers to conduct VoIP trials in certain localities.  The ultimate goal of the VoIP trials is to assess the impact, viability and implications of providing large-scale service via IP –rather than via traditional copper telephone lines.

The 10 Things You Should Know About Recording Telephone Conversations

For the last few days, Justin Bieber’s name has been conspicuously plastered on just about every news source you can imagine.   Given how eager I’ve been to write a blog article on him, I realized that this would be a good time to do so.  Just one problem… I haven’t been able to find many parallels between Justin Bieber and VoIP.  So far, I have: both of them can be recorded for listening to later and they are both subject to laws and regulations.

Three VoIP Features That May Surprise You

While you’re curious about VoIP, perhaps you’re a bit hesitant about adopting the technology into your business.

Hosted VoIP vs. Premise-based VoIP: 14 Key Differences

Researching business-grade VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone systems doesn’t need to be overwhelming, or confusing. In this article I’ll give you the information that you’ll need to determine which of these systems is best for your business. If you’ve been reading about VoIP for businesses, you have probably heard of: “Premise-Based VoIP (Managed)” and “Hosted VoIP (Hosted PBX).”  They’re both VoIP telephone systems, but the overarching distinction between hosted or premise VoIP is where the equipment is physically located.

Don’t Let Your Business Become Victim to Phone Hackers

Did you know that some hackers and scammers target telephone systems?  Phone hackers are very good at what they do, and in just a few hours, you could be held liable for thousands of dollars worth of fraudulent charges.  In 2009, a Boston business owner was given a bill for nearly $900,000; just this past May, a St. Louis based real estate agent received a bill for around $600,000.  As a result of all of the the recent system hackings (like Snapchat, last week; Target, last month) people have security on their minds. Read on to learn about hacked telephone systems and what you can do to protect yourself and your business from phone hackers.

Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape over Your Network Cabling

Plus, 7 tips to help you keep your network cabling in good shape! A few weeks ago, one of our technicians was troubleshooting some connectivity issues that a business client was experiencing. Within their office, there were no apparent network issues, but accessing the internet was a different story. After much work and assuming that it was a software problem, he realized that a physical connection was actually at fault. In the end, he fixed the problem and his story gave me an idea for my next blog entry. Read on and learn how some simple considerations now, can save you a lot of headaches (and potential profit loss) later on. Also, at the end of this article, you can ask us any networking questions that you have and our experts will happily answer them.

The Top 7 Features of the Bria VoIP App: Because You Can’t Fit Your Desk Phone in Your Pants

Use the Bria VoIP App and Your Cell Phone to Make and Receive Calls: From Anywhere in the World, and Using Your Work Number A desktop Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone is truly a remarkable device, but it’s not exactly very portable.  That’s where the Bria VoIP App steps in.  If you’re someone who’s frequently away from your office (or desk), but you want to make and receive calls using your work telephone number, then I want to tell you about my new favorite phone app.  I use it on my iPhone 4s, but read on to find out which other devices you can use the Bria VoIP App with. A company known as CounterPath, has developed an application, Bria, which is known as a “softphone” (as in, “software phone”).  The Bria VoIP App makes your VoIP desktop phone portable by seamlessly integrating it with your cellular phone. The Bria VoIP App also uses encryption, which is especially important for those in certain industries with strict privacy regulations. What Can Your Phone Do With the Bria VoIP App?

12 VoIP Features That Can Help Your Medical Practice Maintain Homeostasis

Here’s How VoIP Can Help You to Meet the Challenges of Your Medical Practice: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can help meet the unique communication needs of medical practices — because, unlike exam gloves, a VoIP system is not “one size fits all.”  Many medical practices have upgraded to a VoIP system; doctors and staff have been pleasantly surprised with the system’s ease of use and how quickly they were able to adopt it. A Voice over Internet Protocol system is: An easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, efficient, and hassle-free communications system that promotes a smooth medical practice work-flow. A cost-effective voice system that is exceptionally reliable. Rich with features that streamline the way you communicate; without being overwhelming. A scalable solution to keep up with your medical practice as you grow. Here are 12 Essential VoIP Features for Medical Practices:

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