Take Your VoIP Phone With You

VoIP has changed the way that we conduct business.  We’re more connected than ever before.  A favorite VoIP feature among customers is the ability to work remotely from home, but maintain the same phone functionality as they would have at their office.

How can VoIP help me work remotely from home?

With VoIP service, you can actually bring home your IP phone from your office and work remotely.  When you bring your IP phone to a new location:

1. You will keep the same number.

2. It will function as if it is at your office location.

3, You’ll be able to page coworkers, dial extensions, transfer calls, and receive calls –all using your business telephone number.

Is there another way to work remotely without taking my desk phone home?

If you would prefer, you can avoid transporting your work phone back and forth by having a separate IP phone for your home.  This phone will also function as if it is on your office’s phone network.  While it will have a different number, you can have this phone ring at the same time as your work phone –this way, whether you’re home or at your office, you won’t miss a call.

What are my other options for using VoIP to work remotely?

If you have a smartphone, you can use an application called Bria to take the place of an additional IP Phone. Read more about Bria: The Top 7 Features of the Bria VoIP App: Because You Can’t Fit Your Desk Phone in Your Pants

One of the best aspects of this kind of portability is that…

you can continue conducting business, even if your office cannot be used for some reason.  For example, during Hurricane Sandy, many of our customers brought their IP phones home with them.  Even though the power was out at their offices, they were able to plug their phone into a location with power and internet and work remotely. Since they could keep their businesses up and running, the did not lose profits.

How do I use my work phone to work remotely?

1. You will need a reliable high speed internet connection.  You can read more about it and test your connection here: Is your Internet Connection Affecting your VoIP Call Quality?

2. You will need a power adapter for your phone unless you have a Power over Ethernet network switch at home.  In business VoIP installations, IP phones often receive their power and internet over the same cable, which eliminates the need for a separate adapter.

There’s just one VERY IMPORTANT thing to keep in mind about using your phone to work remotely.

When you move your IP phone to a new location or use Bria, 911 will not function.  Your IP phone will be registered to your office’s location and not your home.

What do you think?

1. Have you had any experience with taking your work phone home with you? If so, how did it work out?

2. If you don’t already have a VoIP system at your business, does knowing about this feature make you more likely to consider VoIP?

3. Do you have any questions? Comments? Need technical support?