Part 1: What is Business VoIP?

This is the first article, in a step-by-step series, that will discuss the entire process of migrating your organization to a Business VoIP System. Last week, I gave a general overview of the migration process, in: Your Business Can Migrate to VoIP in 6 Easy Steps. The following article can be considered  a bit of a review for our loyal readers –or a crash-course on Business VoIP for those who are new to the blog.  We’ll be focusing on the basics of what Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is and how your business can benefit.  Next week, we’ll dive right in and begin discussing the options available to you for Business VoIP.

Using VoIP to Work Remotely and Do Business from Home

VoIP has changed the way that we conduct business.  We’re more connected than ever before.  A favorite VoIP feature among customers is the ability to work remotely from home, but maintain the same phone functionality as they would have at their office.

VoIP During a Power Failure – How to Keep Connected

I want to start by validating a common fear that people and businesses have about switching over to VoIP.  If your power fails, so does your VoIP service.  This occurs since VoIP phones rely on your own electrical supply.  Power failures do happen and your best defense is being prepared ahead of time.  Here’s the good news: there are some relatively simple and cost effective ways to keep your service running during a power failure.

The Top 7 Features of the Bria VoIP App: Because You Can’t Fit Your Desk Phone in Your Pants

Use the Bria VoIP App and Your Cell Phone to Make and Receive Calls: From Anywhere in the World, and Using Your Work Number A desktop Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone is truly a remarkable device, but it’s not exactly very portable.  That’s where the Bria VoIP App steps in.  If you’re someone who’s frequently away from your office (or desk), but you want to make and receive calls using your work telephone number, then I want to tell you about my new favorite phone app.  I use it on my iPhone 4s, but read on to find out which other devices you can use the Bria VoIP App with. A company known as CounterPath, has developed an application, Bria, which is known as a “softphone” (as in, “software phone”).  The Bria VoIP App makes your VoIP desktop phone portable by seamlessly integrating it with your cellular phone. The Bria VoIP App also uses encryption, which is especially important for those in certain industries with strict privacy regulations. What Can Your Phone Do With the Bria VoIP App?

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