In 1967, the first toll free (800) numbers became available.  The 800 prefix was in use for over 30 years, until the available numbers started running out.  Since then, 888, 877, 866 and 855 prefixes have been implemented.  Each subsequently released toll free prefix has approached complete utilization even faster than the preceding one!  Based on this trend, it is very likely the new 844 toll free prefix will sell out shortly after it becomes available to the general public, on December 7th, 2013.

Normal Telephone Line compared to Toll Free 844 Line

Comparison of call charge responsibility between a normal telephone line and a toll free, 844, line.

So why is it that the first toll free prefix numbers lasted for over 30 years, while the next four toll free prefixes (888, 877, 866, 855) have nearly become depleted in less than half that time?  Some reasons for the exponential growth in utilization of 8xx numbers are:

  1. Businesses have realized that in order to remain competitive, they needed to have a toll free number
  2. Businesses that have a toll free number are viewed, by the consumer, as more credible and trustworthy than businesses who do not have one
  3. Customers love the fact that their calls are FREE
  4. It’s easier for customers to remember a business’ number
  5. Customers feel reassured knowing that they’ll easily be able to reach your business
  6. It’s easy to have your 8xx number forwarded to your Voice Over IP (VoIP) or other telephone
  7. Since your 8xx number can be forwarded to another number, you will be able to keep your 8xx number, even if your forwarding number changes

The aforementioned 7 reasons, explain why businesses with a toll free number enjoy increased business and profits – all while establishing a more loyal base of customers and giving themselves the prestige of a large business.

You will want to act quickly and reserve an 844 number.  As 844 numbers become scarcer, the cost of the remaining numbers will increase.  A major reason for this is that, the businesses who already know about the benefits of a toll free number, tend to purchase their number every time a new prefix is released. Why? Because 1-800-111-1111 is NOT the same number as 1-855-111-1111.

One final reason to consider reserving a new 844 toll free prefix is that it is unclear when the next toll free 8xx prefix will become available.  What is clear is that if your business does not already have a toll free 8xx number, you are losing out on a significant amount of profits!

 We want to hear from you!

–Does your business have a toll free 8xx number? If so, how has it benefitted your business?

–If your business doesn’t yet have a toll free 8xx number, are you planning on reserving a 844 number, before they become publicly available on December 7th, 2013?

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