ProAudioStar is the premiere supplier for DJ gear and audio equipment in the US.
They are based in Brooklyn and have everything a music lover will ever need to create awesome live performances, produce their next record, or just practice their skills at unbeatable prices. Their industry savvy staff is on the phone 6 days a week hooking up customers from around the world with great deals, and answering questions.

ProAudioStars’ fearless leader and founder Ron Wolf told us “70% of my business comes from phone orders.” That is why he requires 100% uptime when it comes to his phone system. Steadfast was not ProAudioStar’s first experience with VoIP. “We used a larger company in the past but didn’t get the attention or speed we would have liked in resolving our issues so we chose not to expand with them” Ron elected to work with Steadfast for the personal care and attention. “I opted to go with the smaller business model vs. a larger company for the personal care.” Needless to say he accomplished that goal with Steadfast.

Just like ProAudioStar, Steadfast has a live person answering calls and helping customers right away. ProAudioStar did not have to alter the way they do business to work with their VoIP phone system. “We tried the auto-attendant setup. My guys and my customers don’t like it. Everyone just pushes 0 or yells operator and gets frustrated.”

As a business owner, Ron gives this advice to others in the market for a new phone system. “At the end of the day I don’t want to think about the phones. They should just work… no business owner should be thinking about their phones. They should be running their company.” But Ron says beyond working with the right telephone service provider, “You better have good Internet or the phones and your business will suffer for it.”

ProAudioStar chooses to do business with Steadfast because with “Steadfast phones aren’t an issue. I would recommend Steadfast!” Ron doesn’t have to think about his phone system.  If he hires a new employee or needs to make any changes he doesn’t have to be involved.  Steadfast takes care of everything quickly and efficiently.