A VoIP telephone system –or Voice over Internet Protocol system–allows you to make calls over your Internet connection instead of via a regular phone line. Using software driven equipment, VoIP lines send your voice over the internet, following the fastest and cleanest route possible. But why upgrade your business to VoIP?

There are many benefits of a VoIP system, but the following are our top five:

1. Reliable Network

VoIP systems ensure that you will never miss a call. While traditional phone lines can go down due to inclement weather or other phone line interference, most VoIP providers have back-up internet, power generators and multiple data centers to prevent systems from going down. If a call cannot reach the designated server, the VoIP system will reroute the call to a different data center location, guaranteeing your call goes through.


2. Ability To Connect Anywhere

A VoIP system allows you to connect to a call from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection. If someone dials in to your business line, the call can ring simultaneously in multiple offices and to your cell phone, making you available to clients or customers anytime, anywhere. A VoIP system allows you to establish a virtual office anywhere, providing access to the features of your phone through your desktop, tablet, or smart phone.


3. Feature Rich

VoIP systems offer many premium features including:

  • Voicemail to email: Voicemails can be sent to your email inbox.
  • Fax to email: Faxes can be sent directly to your email inbox.
  • Multi-party conference bridge: Included as part of the system, there’s no limit to the number of parties that can call in to your conference line, or hold conference calls simultaneously from your system.
  • Smartphone application: Calls that ring at your desk extension can also reach you on your smartphone out of the office, even while traveling overseas.
  • Soft phones: VoIP software allows you to answer the phone through your computer. Using this software, companies can ensure the next available agent is able to pick up the call immediately, without waiting on a transfer.


4. Budget Friendly

Traditional phone systems require multiple pieces of proprietary hardware and a significant amount of labor and wiring that can quickly make a dent in your pocket. VoIP systems, on the other hand, only require a router and data switch to be connected.

With VoIP, pre-programmed phones can be shipped directly to your office. All you need to do is plug them in and your set-up is complete.

VoIP maintenance is also cost-effective, as all issues can be resolved without scheduling, waiting, and paying for a technician to visit your office. Updates to extensions can be made in a matter of minutes remotely with a VoIP provider.

VoIP software also provides an efficient way to answer and route calls. With the touch of a button, a secretary based in Denver can route an incoming call directly to an executive in Boston. The secretary is able to check if the executive is available and transfer the call, eliminating the need for secretaries in multiple offices.


5. Sound Quality

As long as the internet connection is strong and reliable, VoIP systems have excellent sound quality that’s much crisper than traditional phone systems. With VoIP, you won’t receive static, crackling or the hiss of a traditional phone connection.

If your business is looking for a way to ensure customer satisfaction and save money, consider a VoIP telephone system from SteadFast Telecommunications. From its inception, SteadFast has embraced cutting edge technology, from the mechanical systems of the 70’s to today’s Voice over IP technology. With more than 35 years experience providing state-of-the-art communication technology to businesses, SteadFast can tailor a system to your organization’s specific needs.