Imagine the following:

It’s a busy day at the office, and out of no where, your phones stop working. Panic sets in as you realize that you’re likely missing important calls. Alright, step back and take a breath.  I’m not writing this as a way of frightening you into getting a new telephone system.  Rather, the objective of this article is to help you avoid a telephone system disaster.


When an older phone system (those using copper telephone lines) malfunctions, the consequences can be more severe than with a modern VoIP system. Here’s why:

1. With a VoIP system, when parts require replacement, they’re readily available.  These days, parts for traditional systems are regularly on backorder or completely unavailable.  Even the phone companies themselves are finding it difficult to find parts to repair their pre-VoIP telecom equipment.  According to this article, some of the major telephone providers have even resorted to ebay to find parts.  This is one of the reasons that the major providers have been building up their VoIP and Internet infrastructure.

2. Many VoIP system issues can be resolved without a visit from a technician, which means that they get resolved quickly!  A traditional system often requires a visit from a technician to repair the issue.

3. If there’s an outage on your VoIP system, your telephone calls can automatically be forwarded to your cell phone or another phone.  With a traditional system, the outage usually isn’t discovered until someone realizes that you haven’t been receiving any calls.  at that point you must contact your carrier and sit on hold for hours until they answer to put the order in for forwarding which can take up to an additional 24 hours to process.


The reality is that, with any kind of phone system, outages occasionally do occur. Though, advances in VoIP, and especially hosted VoIP, have greatly reduced the risk of an outage occurring. Furthermore, VoIP has layers of redundancy, which ensures that your business can receive important calls; even if your system is temporarily down.

Step up your game, because VoIP is a win, all around. Stop worrying about downtime and find out what you’ve been missing! —With VoIP, it won’t be your incoming calls.

Getting VoIP installed is easy to do! In fact, the most difficult part of getting VoIP installed is picking up your phone and making that first call to Steadfast.

Happy calling!