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Part 5 on migrating your business to a Voice over IP phone system.

This is part 5 of our article series on switching your business over to a voice over ip phone system. Part 1 was an overview of what business Voice over IP is and how it can benefit your business. Part 2 covered some of the options and features available to businesses who wish to migrate over to a Voice over IP phone system. Part 3 discussed various aspects that you should take into consideration when switching to Voice over IP. Part 4 gave brief walkthrough of the next steps to take once you’ve decided to switch to Voice over IP. In part 5, we’ll wrap everything up and discuss some long-term considerations for your business.

Availability of Help and Support.

Maybe you’ll have a few questions after your Voice over IP phone system is installed and operational; it’s okay to have questions. However, no one wants a provider who stays only long enough to install and then leaves you with a phone manual to fend for yourself. With a business Voice Over IP phone system, it’s important that you have a provider who, in metaphorical terms, will stay and buy you breakfast. Furthermore, if you have a really great provider, maybe you’ll want them to be there for you after breakfast.

Support matters!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if everything always worked perfectly? I think it would! But unfortunately, things do not always behave as they should. While proper maintenance can go a long way, at some point, any service or product will need some kind of repair. This is exactly why every Voice over IP phone system provider has a technical support/service department. The question is: will their service department respond quickly and go out of their way to make sure your service works properly? Will they perform an emergency service call on a Sunday, or at 6am on a Saturday? — Or are they the kind of provider who will tell you that their next available appointment is next Tuesday, between 9am and 5pm? No one has time for that!!

Now’s the time!

I hope this article series has given you some insight into the process of migrating your business over to a Voice over IP phone system. If your business doesn’t already have a Voice over IP phone system, it’s seriously worth considering. Getting a new business Voice over IP phone system can be a fun and exciting process. Additionally, Voice over IP saves your business money, gives you with cool phones to play with and equips you with reliable service that puts the old telephone systems to shame.

So, are you ready for VoIP around your business?

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