A business VoIP system offers incredible, cutting-edge, features that empower you with unparalleled control over your phone service. One such feature is blacklist, also known as “call blocking.”

You already know that productivity is crucial for your business. Telemarketing and robocalls:
1) Waste your valuable time
2) Are frustrating
3) They detract your attention away from those who matter the most – your customers.

Therefore, blacklisting (call blocking) is just one of the many indispensable features, offered by VoIP, for your business. You may be thinking: why do I need to have call blocking, isn’t there a National Do Not Call Registry? The answer is yes. However, the registry only applies to home and cellphone numbers; businesses are not protected.

The VoIP blacklist feature is rather simple, yet very flexible. With blacklisting, you can create your own “Do Not Call Registry”. This dynamic list can grow with your business. New numbers can always be added. Blacklisting even gives you the ability to control what happens when a blocked number is used to call your business. Some of these options are: having the system automatically reject the blacklisted number, sending the caller to voice mail, routing the call to a specific extension, or even a recorded message of your choice.

The blacklist feature is powerful, flexible, and simple. It gives your business back the time which unwanted calls previously took away. Steadfast’s mission is to exceed your expectations. Based on your caller ID, we can arrange for you to work with the same service representative each time you call. You can be confident in Steadfast to work with you to make getting the most out of your VOIP system easy and one less thing to worry about. In fact, the only thing you will have to worry about is how you are going to spend your extra time, thanks to VoIP features like call blocking.