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Welcome to Steadfast’s series on getting the most out of your Business VoIP Telephone System

Our customers always ask us a lot of great questions about what they can do with their VoIP telephone system. Often, they’ll have a specific question about how to do perform a function that their old telephone system could do. Let me first reassure you that your new VoIP system is capable of doing everything your old PBX could, and even more! Your system already includes the best VoIP and Telephony features available. These features are easy to use and can save you a lot of time. But to make things even easier, and because we want to help you get the most out of your Voice over IP system, we are going to be introducing you to a new feature –every week!


It’s truly amazing what these VoIP systems are capable of

Not too long ago, you would need to have boxes, upon boxes of telephone equipment, just to have the functionality of even today’s most basic VoIP systems. Not only did this take up a ton of space, this equipment cost a small fortune, used a lot of energy, resulted in more downtime if a problem came up, and required renting expensive telephone lines to make outgoing calls. To make things more complicated, the things that we now take for granted, like voicemail, would usually require additional hardware (yes, the expensive kind, too). Music on hold and automated attendant also required additional equipment. VoIP can certainly do all of this –and it’s all included, which means that you don’t need a huge budget to get onboard. Even better, the equipment needed for hosted VoIP is minimal. Generally, you’ll just need: an Internet connection, VoIP phones, a router and a network switch.
If you already have a VoIP telephone system for your business, then you’re going to love this article series! Even if you don’t yet have a VoIP system, this article series is still a great resource for giving you a great overview of what you’ll be able to do, should you decide to migrate your business to VoIP, in the future. With that said, we encourage you to call us whenever you have a question about using your system. We’re always happy to assist in any way we can!

Each week, I’ll present you with:

1. An overview of the feature, including other names you may know it by;
2. How the feature can benefit you;
3. Easy instructions for using the feature;
4. Scenarios and Applications of the feature, to help illustrate the feature in the context of the entire picture;
5. Helpful tips for using the feature.


Let’s get started. Click here to explore the Park Feature!

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