Dr. Alan Ganz is the Chief Technology Officer at August Ninth Analyses.  He received his Bachelors degree from CCNY and his Masters and PhD degrees from Columbia University, all in Physics.  

August Ninth Analyses (ANA) is a different kind of automation provider.  Its technology is do it yourself (DIY). Even inexperienced users can install, operate and maintain a full-range Control & Analysis system for manufacturing batches.   Of course, even the most adept do-it-yourselfers often need a helping hand.  Realizing this need ANA developed a novel method to deliver assistance in the most efficient way imaginable.  Instead of sending an expert out to the field, ANA provided a tool that allows them to participate remotely at the user’s site.  Unsurprisingly, they discovered that this portable, Cloud-based data gathering kit, now called TripSaver, is useful for anyone needing to connect experts with problems – instantly and efficiently.  TripSaver is not video conferencing, which is people-centric; it is remote participation, with expert attention directed to objects.  The portable kit opens a window to the world of machines, buildings, processes and products.  Expertise rather than experts is what moves globally.  A big plus is that by reducing the need for travel, TripSaver saves money and reduces CO2 emissions.

“Don’t be fooled by all the sophisticated video and measurement capabilities,.TripSaver is  also about people,”, says Dr. Alan Ganz, the inventor of TripSaver.  “People, interactively solving problems together in real-time, bond as a team.”   Henry Weber, President of ANA, has insisted on the need for consistent clear audio communication as the foundation for effective real-time interaction.  Henry explains, “Cell phones don’t always work where the problems are, and several VoIP providers, previously tested, proved inconsistent.  A product that is meant to solve problems should be reliably problem-free.”   Then Henry discovered Steadfast Telecommunications and we went to work.   Alan put our technology to the most rigorous of tests: performing in a very noisy factory with no cell phone signal available.   Not only did we pass, TripSaver will now make Steadfast’s VoIP the standard, default audio in the kit.  Here’s how Alan expressed it:

“Thank you for working with us to resolve audio issues at the client site last night.  Henry and the team had previously tested Steadfast’s VoIP quality, and my team had reassured me – as recently as yesterday morning – that your system had the best performance of the many we had tested.

And before calling you for help we tried many different potential solutions.  As it turns out, we should not have hesitated to call you. Within the first minute we  had an engineer on the line working with us; and you helped us find the root cause in a device – our headset – that we never would have considered to be the source of the severe noise.

What can I say?  The peace of mind associated with knowing that my components are top notch and that my VoIP supplier stands behind his product to the point of assisting me with mine, is priceless.  Steadfast is part of my team and I’m delighted.”


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