So you run a small business in New York, and are considering switching over to VoIP. You’ve heard that it’s a low-cost solution to traditional landline-based phone systems. Maybe you’ve even started to do a little research online about different providers. While the information can all seem a little overwhelming, it helps to focus on some of VoIP’s coolest features to keep everything in perspective. As you consider making the switch, check out these prominent elements of most VoIP systems.

Automated attendant

Small business will especially appreciate VoIP’s Auto Attendant feature, as it eliminates the need of a receptionist. The feature automatically answers incoming calls and plays a pre-recorded greeting determined by you. Once the caller selects her desired extension, Auto Attendant routes her accordingly. It’s a great way to save time and money, as you don’t have to spend valuable resources on phone-answering services.

Enhanced data reporting

VoIP systems rely on the internet rather than traditional phone lines. As such, you need to keep an eye on your data usage, and make sure it falls within your allotted bandwidth. Cloud-based services can provide you with detailed reporting that shows how much data you’re consuming on any day. Additionally, if you want to track your inbound and outbound call reports, VoIP reporting can do that as well. All businesses can glean valuable insights from call history, duration, cost, etc.

Barge and Whisper

Increasingly, VoIP is becoming the go-to solution for our state’s businesses. Whether you’re a start up in Manhattan or a Rochester-based enterprise, internet-based calling is replacing the traditional phone systems New York businesses have used for decades; the Barge and Whisper feature is a prominent reason why.

Barge allows supervisors to listen to a conversation between an employee and a client; they can choose to alert them or not. Meanwhile, Whisper allows the listening-in party to coach employees in real time while they talk. It’s a more efficient way to give feedback than the traditional way, which is to wait until the call is over.

Find Me / Follow Me

Many VoIP fans tout the Find Me / Follow Me feature as their most favorite. Here users can program their incoming calls to ring different lines in a particular order. So for instance, if you’re expecting an important business call but have to be out in the field at the scheduled time, you can set your business line to re-route the call to your cell phone. It allows more maximum flexibility and reach-ability.

Phone-controlled entry

In addition to its many calling features, businesses that use VoIP can program the phone system to collaborate with its building’s security. While the phone and security systems remain separate, you can connect them using an analog phone in your company’s entrance way. That way, when visitors arrive, they’ll call you, and you can screen. The feature eliminates the need for extra lines, and doesn’t have to complicate your existing security system.