This year has been marked by blanket criticism of large ISPs like Comcast and AT&T for monopolizing on Internet and Telecom systems that are intentionally slow, and that threaten net neutrality as we know it. With those kinds of criticisms lingering in the air, we thought it might be important to help you distinguish what makes for a great service provider—and moreover, what it takes to have VoIP New York businesses can really trust.

Are you considering making the transition to VoIP, or have any questions about what you should come to expect from service like ours? We’ve broken it down into five simple categories, so that you can take a quick temperature check on quality service:

Quality Customer Service

The first thing that you want as you make a transition to any new service is quality customer relations. If a problem does arise, you want to be able to count on that company to help. Phone systems are one of the most integral pieces in a company’s machine, and that means when something is amiss, you need to be able to count on your VoIP company to get it patched up quickly.

Easy-to-Use Cloud Capabilities

Other than the fact that most every major company is in the cloud these days, having cloud capabilities opens up a whole array of functionality. Not only will it streamline your internal communications, but it will also allow you to have less hardware. Relying on less hardware will save you space and costs, leaving you more room to focus on what’s most important for your company.

Low Rates

Now, this one may go without saying, but it’s still important to remember: Here at Steadfast, we pride ourselves in putting the customer first, and that means making VoIP affordable, as well as helpful.

Just because VoIP is utilizing amazing technology, it doesn’t mean you have to pay exorbitant prices. When you’re trying to run a company, we know it’s important to keep costs low wherever you can. It just so happens that VoIP is one of those items.

Customizable Service

With the varying types of companies in New York who need VoIP services, it’s important that service providers don’t simply offer a blanket service for all of their clients. We have an inventory of a number of different models and packages to get your services started, customizing it to your needs.

You’re the client, so you’re in charge. Don’t take a deal if you’re not sure it’s right for your company.

Expandable Options

Among the services that we offer like, smart fax conversion (which allows a fax to be viewed on your computer) and hosted PBX, it’s important that your VoIP service provider is able to give you the added features that make it so convenient.

The Internet, and communication as we know, and dynamic and constantly changing. We want to make sure that all of our customers are informed and ready for those changes, and equipped with a service that strives to provide the best. Wherever VoIP takes your business, we hope you use these features as a guide to finding the best services for you. And be sure to check out all that Steadfast can offer you today!