12 VoIP Features That Can Help Your Medical Practice Maintain Homeostasis

Here’s How VoIP Can Help You to Meet the Challenges of Your Medical Practice: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can help meet the unique communication needs of medical practices — because, unlike exam gloves, a VoIP system is not “one size fits all.”  Many medical practices have upgraded to a VoIP system; doctors and staff have been pleasantly surprised with the system’s ease of use and how quickly they were able to adopt it. A Voice over Internet Protocol system is: An easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, efficient, and hassle-free communications system that promotes a smooth medical practice work-flow. A cost-effective voice system that is exceptionally reliable. Rich with features that streamline the way you communicate; without being overwhelming. A scalable solution to keep up with your medical practice as you grow. Here are 12 Essential VoIP Features for Medical Practices:

Can I Fax Over VoIP Using My Fax Machine?

The Answer to sending and receiving a fax over VoIP and 3 Alternatives We’ve been receiving a number of questions about sending and receiving a fax over VoIP (Voice Over IP) lately using a normal fax machine.  IT IS possible to do, but it’s not quite as simple as plugging the machine into a phone jack.  However, don’t worry, it’s not complicated either.  YES! The fax machine still has a place in our business world, so I’ll tell you how you can keep using yours, and I’ll also tell you about some alternatives that may pleasantly surprise you.

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