Is your Internet Connection Affecting your VoIP Call Quality?

You may have the best VoIP provider in the world, but the actual call quality of your service is ultimately dependent on your internet connection; the internet connection of the recipient. A poor internet connection is often the reason for experiencing issues with your VoIP service (like poor call quality).  Read on and I’ll tell you about a simple and FREE way to test your connection and what you can do to fix any problems.

Don’t Travel on Grey Routes

Call quality is important. We’ve all been on phone calls where we’ve had to ask the other person to repeat themselves because we couldn’t hear them.  It’s frustrating when you pay for a service and don’t get what you expect.  Sometimes, this just happens due to internet traffic, but other times, your quality is intentionally compromised and someone makes money off of doing so!  That’s just infuriating! What I’m talking about are calls sent over “grey routes”

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