Automation and Messaging


Automated Attendant
Automatically answers incoming calls and responds by playing a pre-selected greeting. The caller can select a menu option and then the call is transferred accordingly.
Dial by Name Directory
Lets a caller look up who they would like to reach by name.
Up to 10 Personal Greetings
Prerecorded personal greeting: holiday greeting, away from my desk, out to lunch, etc. Cuts down on the need to re-record a greeting each time it is needed.
Virtual Mailboxes
A voice mailbox for people who do not have a physical phone. This feature is also useful for teams who need a common voicemail mailbox.
VoiceMail to email
When a new voicemail comes in, you’ll be sent an automatic email notification. You’ll also be able to listen to the message from anywhere, thanks to the attached MP3 file. No more calling in to your office periodically to check for new messages. This feature is also great for keeping an archive of messages or easily replaying a certain part of a message.
Busy Lamp Field (Presence)
Tells you the status of others on your network. A light, on your phone, will let you know if a person is available or not.
Call Broadcast (Phone Tree)
The system can automatically call outside parties and play a pre-recorded message. Broadcasts to a large group within minutes.
Great for announcing school closings, or for Religious Organizations (ex: reminder that there’s a meeting or special event).

Call Management


Call-Blocking (Do Not Call List)
Prevent unwanted incoming calls.
Call Parking
Similar to putting a call on hold. A user can park a call in a specific virtual parking spot and then that call can be retrieved from another phone by either dialing a code or by pressing a pre-programmed button.
Custom Music On-Hold (MOH)
Play music or announcements about your business, while people are on hold.
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
A private phone number which allows a caller to directly reach a specific person by bypassing the operator or automated attendant.
Caller ID
A user can see on the phone’s screen who is calling before they answer.
Call Transfers
Transfer incoming or outgoing call from one station to another.
Do Not Disturb
Tells your phone not to ring if a call comes in. Useful if you’re in a meeting.
Multi-Party Conference Bridge
Allows you to talk to several people at the same time.
Multi-Zone Paging
Page single phones, multiple phones or all phones; even over the internet to another office location. Pages can be sent through phones, overhead speakers or a combination of both.
Outgoing Call Management (Toll Restriction)
Prevent outgoing calls to certain numbers, countries or services. Can be enabled on as many or as few of your phones as you would like.
Ring Groups (Automatic Call Distribution)
Routes calls among groups of phones according to pre-specified parameters.
Speed Dials
Store numbers that you call often and dial them by pressing a button.
Time Conditions
Calls can be routed differently depending on the time of day (daytime, nighttime, lunch, or other).



Hot Desking
Desks or workspaces can be shared by different people at different times. This is particularly useful when employees travel frequently, work different shifts, or are not often in the office. While using such a space, the employee can dial a code to temporarily transfer their extension and calls over to their current location.
Follow-Me Calling
Incoming calls can ring on multiple phones so that you won’t miss any of them. With simultaneous ringing, all of your phones will ring at once. On the other hand, sequential ring options will pass unanswered calls down a list of alternate phones, one at a time.
Call Forwarding
Press a button to have your incoming calls to ring on an alternate phone under one of the following customer selectable options:

  • No-Answer
    Call will ring to an alternate phone if the phone is not answered.
  • Busy, no answer
    If your phone is busy, calls can be forwarded to an alternate phone.
  • All Calls
    The calls will always be forwarded to the alternate phone.

Safety and Security


Health and Security Valet
Your system is actively protected from hacking attacks and it is also monitored to ensure that your system stays up and running. If your system is ever down, we’re often already aware and working on it before you even notice.
E-911 (Enhanced 911)
Your phone number is registered to your street address. This information is available to emergency personnel so that they can respond quickly to urgent situations.

Smart Faxing Solutions


Smart Gateway Faxing
Using one of our gateways, you can continue using your old fax machine.
Smart Fax Conversion Solution
Using our unified messaging platform, you can send or view faxes on a computer or smartphone.

Private Record Keeping


Optional Call Recording
Never miss another word; keep a recording of your conversations.
Executive Call Monitoring
Enables selected individuals to monitor a live phone conversation on their system. Commonly used when training new person
Call Accounting (Call Detail Records)
A log of incoming and outgoing calls.