Happy April Phones Day – April 1, 2014



“VoIP Appreciation Day”

Steadfast Telecommunications, the leading VoIP systems provider in the New York Tri-State Area, is celebrating VoIP Appreciation Day with a special offer!  Today only, the company will be offering its customers the option to buy 1976 (or earlier) telephone technology at incredible 2014 prices!  At the early morning press event, the CEO of Steadfast stated: “We want to emphasize just how far telephone technology has come since the company was founded, in 1976.”

Customers can choose from the following options:

1)   A pulse-based rotary telephone system, complete with manual switchboard and a real, live human operator.

2)   A touch-tone system that consumes an inordinate amount of electricity, but is completely automated.

3)   A telegraph system and a guide for “getting started”.

4)   Two cans and some string. System can be expanded with additional cans to enable conference calling.  This is our most cost-effective business system.


“Customized Ringtones Available”

Steadfast Telecommunications is proud to announce a fine selection of songs which are now available as ringtones.

Customers can choose:

1)   “Operator (That’s Not the Way It Feels)” by Jim Croce,

2)   “867-5309 (Jenny)” by Tommy Tutone,

3)    “I Just Called to Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder,

4)    “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” by Soulja Boy,

5)    “What’s Your Number” by Cypress Hill,

6)    “Star 69” by REM,  or

7)    “Careless Whisper” by George Michael.


“Missing puppy found safe and returned to owner –thanks to VoIP”

On March 16th, the Johnson family reported their puppy as missing.  Thanks to Mr. Johnson’s quick thinking, he started a VoIP broadcast.  Within a short amount of time, the whole neighborhood was out searching for the puppy.  The puppy was found and is now back home and in good spirits.  Mr. Johnson was quoted saying “thanks to the power of VoIP, our puppy is safe and our family is whole again.”


SPECIAL OFFER: Today only, get a FREE 1 scoop sundae, with purchase of a new business-grade VoIP system.



“Out of this world service!”

Steadfast Telecommunications has been contracted by NASA to service the VoIP telephone system aboard the International Space Station.  A spokesperson for the space program stated: “sending someone into space is extremely expensive! In fact, a single trip can cost around $50 Million US dollars. At such high costs, it is imperative that only the most skilled technicians are selected, and this is why we chose Steadfast Telecommunications of New York City.”


 Next week, we’ll be continuing our article series on migrating your business over to VoIP.