Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has revolutionized how businesses communicate. It has replaced traditional phone systems and offers a more cost-effective and efficient way of communication

What Are the VoIP Service Upgrades Available? 

One of the most popular VoIP upgrades is the ability to add additional phone numbers in multiple area codes and even international phone numbers to your business phone system. This benefits your business by showing a local presence and helps callers by reducing or eliminating long distance or international fees. This can be done by either adding additional hardware or by adding an on-site or cloud-based VoIP service. 

A second popular VoIP service upgrade is the ability to add conference calls. This allows multiple people in different locations to simultaneously be on the same call. This is a great way to increase collaboration and communication within your organization.

Another VoIP upgrade is using a single phone number for multiple devices. This can be done using an IP PBX, which allows multiple devices to share the same phone number. This is great for businesses that must make and receive calls from multiple locations, such as a home office, remote office, or cell phone.

Do You Need an Upgrade? 

However, not all VoIP services are created equal, and sometimes, businesses may need to upgrade their service to ensure they are getting the most out of it. Below, we will list six signs that you need a better VoIP phone system or service. If your business exhibits any of these significant issues, it’s best to reach out to us — we’ll make the process of getting the best business phone system as smooth as possible.

1. Poor Call Quality

One of the most obvious signs that you need better VoIP service is poor call quality. If you are experiencing choppy audio, echoes, or dropped calls, it may be time to upgrade your service. 

Factors like insufficient bandwidth, network congestion, or outdated hardware can cause poor call quality. Upgrading your VoIP service can improve call quality and ensure your business can communicate effectively with clients and customers.

2. Limited Features

Another sign that you need better VoIP service is if you are not getting the features that you need. The technology offers many features that can help improve communication and productivity, including VoIP call forwarding, voicemail, and more. 

If your existing provider does not provide the required functions, it might be time to choose an alternative. You can employ the newest features and ensure your company can operate better through a VoIP service upgrade. 

3. Unreliable Service

If your VoIP service is unreliable, it can cause a lot of frustration and lost productivity. Several factors, including network outages, hardware failures, or insufficient bandwidth, can cause unreliable service. Consider a better solution if your service is frequently going down or experiencing other issues. 

4. Inflexibility

If your current VoIP service is inflexible, it can limit your communication ability. For example, you may miss meaningful business opportunities if you need to make international calls, but your current service does not support it. 

One of the primary benefits of a VoIP upgrade is its flexibility. With better VoIP, you can make and receive calls from any device, whether a computer, smartphone, or traditional landline. This means that employees can stay connected to the office while on the go, and customers can reach you wherever you are. This is especially useful for businesses with remote workers or those that travel frequently.

5. Limited Scalability

As your business grows, your communication needs may change. If your current VoIP service cannot keep up with your growing communication needs, it may be time to consider a better solution. VoIP also makes it easier to scale up or down as needed. 

Since it’s based on the Internet, businesses can easily add or remove phone lines. An upgrade makes it easier to adjust to changes in the business landscape and accommodate seasonal fluctuations in demand. 

6. Poor Customer Support

Finally, if your present VoIP service provider provides lousy customer care, it could be time to look for an alternative. Any firm needs effective customer service. A lot of frustration and missed productivity might result if your existing provider cannot give you the support you require. A better VoIP service provider can ensure you have the assistance you require to keep your company operating correctly.


As technology continues to evolve, so do the services and features offered by VoIP providers. With the right upgrade, businesses can maximize VoIP service and get the most out of their communications.

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