What is VoIP?

It’s telephone service and it acts just like what you’re already used to.


Why VoIP?


Saves Money

You currently pay for Internet and phone. With VoIP, your calls use your existing Internet connection to handle phone calls. You no longer need to keep your expensive phone lines.

Great Call Quality

As long as you have a good Internet connection, the sound quality is great! These days, the sound quality of VoIP has far surpassed what landlines can do.



System changes can be done remotely

Generally, most changes to VoIP systems do not require a visit from a technician. For example, if you need an extension switched, that’s a simple process which no longer requires physical rewiring.

Tons of Features

A Selection of Available VoIP Phone Features

Custom Features

Depending on the individual needs of a business, we sometimes create new features that no one else has! The details are top secret, so we can’t say more.

Two major differences:

How the signals are transmitted

The phone signals are converted from analog to digital, which enables them to travel over the Internet.

Increased Flexibility

While VoIP is simple to use, there are plenty of additional features available to you. For example, you can take your desk phone home with you, plug it into your internet connection and then make and receive calls with the same phone number –just as if you were at work.


Did you know that...

even if you’re using an older analog phone system, your calls are very likely being routed through the internet at some point once you make an outgoing call?


Common Concerns

What about 911?

When you set up VoIP service, your phone number is registered to your street address. Should 911 be dialed, emergency personnel will see your address. The only catch is that, while you can move your phone to a different location, 911 will only be registered with the primary location for the phone.

Who will I able to call, and receive calls from?

Anyone who has a phone! They can have an older analog phone, a cell phone, a satellite phone, or another phone.

Is it difficult to order and install Voice over IP?

We make it as simple as possible and stay with you every step: before, during and after installation. Here’s an article overviewing the process:

6 Easy Steps to Getting VoIP for Your Business

Power Outages?

If the power goes out, your calls can automatically be forwarded to any other number: a cell phone, or maybe a home phone number. Alternatively, Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) can be used to keep your system up and running for a while if there’s a power failure.