Cisco SPA525G2

5-Button IP Phone


Hello there!
I’m the Cisco SPA525G2.
The first thing people notice about me is my bright full-color display. I’m also packed with awesome features that’ll keep you connected, informed and entertained. It’s no wonder that I’m the center of attention!
One of my hobbies is exploring. I go to places where ethernet cables are nowhere to be found, thanks to my built-in WiFi.
Do you know that I can speak in bluetooth? Your bluetooth headset and I will work together nicely and allow you to communicate without wires.
Do you like music? Me too!! When we’re not busy talking to your customers or staff, I can play MP3s for us to listen to.
Last, but not least, I have a USB port. If you plug in a flash drive, I can show you photos, or I can use the drive to record phone calls.
Together, we’ll be productive and have fun!


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